Essential Worker

The Real Frontline.

From York, ON

Tue Apr 27 2021


I’m a cop in Toronto. I’m not scared of COVID. I am scared of the chaos that both the province and the federal governments have caused. Mental health calls-up. Overdoses-up. Suicides-up. Domestic violence calls-up. Child abuse-up. Arsons-up. Robberies-up. Nothing is, of course reported, because the media and politicians only care about COVID. No one cares about the guy who lost his job, his family to this and broke. Absolutely broke. Kills him self because he has nothing left. Cops, firefighters and paramedics left to clean up society. Governments trying to make police into some sort of pandemic enforcement unit? For what? For the public to hate us more than they already do? We have enough to keep ourselves busy trying to stop society from unraveling already. The pressure cooker is at max capacity. There won’t be enough of us when it blows.

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