We lost our son, we will NEVER recover.

From Dugald, MB
Warning: Sensitive Content

Tue Apr 27 2021


Our adult son was working less because of Covid-19 and worrying more about getting it. His loneliness and his fears got the better of him and suicide took him away from us. We will never recover this loss, so few people were able to attend his small service. We had planned on buying his ashes in Toronto at the family plot but sadly we cannot even do that! His ashes sit in the funeral home, unable to be laid to rest.

Our next youngest son is turning 30 soon and we cannot even celebrate that as a family.

I cry almost everyday, my husband works outside the home and I don't. He comes home and wants to have time to himself because of phones always ringing and people at work driving him nuts... I am so lonely.

Life used to be wonderful, now it is just a routine, go to bed, wake up, cry, nap, feed the dog, be lonely, and go to bed...repeat.

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