Concerned Citizen

Privileged. And burned out.

From Waterloo, ON

Tue Apr 27 2021


I first want to say, people are dying. People are suffering. It is heart breaking and we desperately need the politics and finger pointing to stop. We need action based on science, the advice the Ontario Science Table has already repeatedly provided, but it has been ignored.

I am a white man working in tech. I'm about as privileged as it gets. I am able to work from home along with my wife, but we are struggling. Our kids are now home from school again. It hasn't let up for over a year. We are managing, coping, surviving; but we are burned out. We are exhausted. We have short fuses and can end up lashing out at our kids that are innocently navigating this terrible situation.

The government doesn't seem to grasp the full toll this is taking on all of us, including the businesses they desperately claim to represent. We are not operating at full productivity, in fact, we are treading water at the brink of drowning. It has become clear they don't represent business, they represent donors. They represent people with power and influence. They represent 'stakeholders'.

It's time for paid sick days, targeted vaccinations, and rapid testing. It's time to end this terror.

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