Concerned Citizen

Where are the mobile clinics and paid sick days ?

From Whitby, ON

Tue Apr 27 2021


I believe a TOTAL 2 week shut down is necessary. Maybe we will fix our screw ups..instead of this opening and closing ..lets get the mobile clinics out there during the two week shut down to hot spot neighbourhoods, and yes the workers will be paid for not working, they will be vaccinated they will live. In the end it will save money and lives. Then after that the government must give BACK paid sick days to workers . First in line for the vaccine also should be workers PSWs, cleaners , cafeteria workers, homeless people,grocery workers, truck drivers, fast food workers , warehouse workers , small business owners, pet store workers, bakers, gas station attendants, mechanics , plumbers, LCBO and beer store workers, butchers etc. Those workers who are out working. Why did I get vaccinated? I'm working from home . I am very grateful for my jab, but come on let's get our priorities straightened out ! So I do think a 2 week shut down TOTALLY is right. We must all sacrifice together, or its not going to work and the hamster wheel will continue, essential workers will continue to burn out, more people like Emily Victoria Viegas 13 years old will die.

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