Essential Worker

Losing my child was the worst thing to happen, during pandemic devastating

From Cornwall, ON
Warning: Sensitive Content

Tue Apr 27 2021

Ms. Chenier

May 2020, I contracted Covid and was self isolated. Unfortunately because my son lived at home he was told to not come to work for 2 weeks also. My Son was addicted to drugs and he suddenly had a cheque from the government and nothing to do. I found his lifeless body on the floor of his bedroom. Fentanyl Grief is a personal journey but in lockdown, alone. No words can describe the crushing emotions. I’m a senior, no doctor, part time essential worker. No paid sick days, no medical benefits. Every day is a struggle to force myself to continue but my residents need us to continue. Long Term Care for them is essential. No hope for a better future, I struggle alone. It’s all too much.

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