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Other serious health issues not addressed

From Caledon, ON

Tue Apr 27 2021

Sandy Bodnar, Terra Cotta

I have not tested positive, even though I was tested in August in the ER, and just last week. Not feeling well prompted my doctors to ask me to be tested. So far negative. I go nowhere. But my story is from another perspective.

October I had a massive heart attack and doctor found 6 blockages. 1 at 100%. Hence the heart attack. 4 days in hospital. 2 years to the day I had a rare case of bacterial pneumonia and almost died. 6 weeks in hospital. Recovery 5 months. I was diagnosed with "non-hodgkins lymphoma" . My fear started to overcome me regarding no doctor visits oncer per year for follow up. Covid-19 showed up and all was stopped.

When I got very sick about 2 weeks ago, right after I received the Pfizer vaccine, with symptoms that I knew may happen. However, I was still sick two weeks later. Terrible cough, green flam, sore throat, weak, winded and fever every evening. I was told by my doctors to get tested. I know my body. It felt same as before I was hospitalized for the pneumonia. Now I am getting more stressed. No doctor wanted to see me. Not my cardiologist, not my respiratory doctor and not my GP, and not my oncologist. As a matter of fact I have not seen my oncologist for over 2 years now. So what do you do? I decided together with my daughter that we would call all of them, one by one, until one of them would do something, other than telling me if got worse to go the ER. I tried that route once, only for the ER doctor telling me go home and ride it out. So no more ER for me.

And so we started our calling campaign. It worked! I got tested for covid-19. Negative. Got GP to prescribe antibiotics, which are working. Took 48 hours for me to get strength back etc. I figured instead of lying down and giving up, persistency worked. But my point in all of this is that there is a definite neglect for patients that are on a maintenance program for the diseases that might kill them prematurely where in normal conditions they would make it. My cancer has not been looked at for over 2 years. It's a silent disease. So my question is that why are all other patients forgotten at this time of epidemic? I think about this every second of the day, and I believe I have aged in the last year. I don't get how doctors consult over the phone, where before the epidemic, I couldn't get a cold tablet without being physically present at doctor's office. The worrying is killing me!

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