Concerned Citizen

Every level of government is missing in action

From Hamilton, ON

Tue Apr 27 2021


It’s beyond belief to me that 13 months into this crisis we (except for the east coast and the north) are in this state, with no end in sight. Every level of government has failed us. I feel like we are essentially leaderless and feel helpless to do anything about it. It is never too late to pivot, though. Vaccinate all essential workers now. Like NOW! Everyone who isn’t essential stays home. Why are liquor stores and weed shops still open in Ontario? Ditto big box stores. I’ve seen the lines at Costco and I’m aghast. One thing the feds could have done by now is send everyone N95 masks ! And keep sending them until this is over . I think that would help a lot . It’s too late to vax our way out of this , especially with the delayed 2nd doses . I think this gives people a false sense of security and will drive the spread. Why did Canada feel like they could go rogue on this? I have no faith in Health Canada. I feel like we won’t have a summer in Ontario. I haven’t had even a first shot yet and I feel it will be months before I do (despite being in the phase 2/ at risk group). I spoke with my family doctor about this a month ago and she couldn’t offer any help or guidance . Wish I could drive over the border to Buffalo and get vaccinated ! Feeling bored and lethargic and hopeless. Lack of trust in every level of government. I never ever thought I’d feel this way about my country. Sad and pathetic state of affairs. I want every politician/ minister/ consultant.

etc held accountable after this is over . If they don’t learn from this I give up .

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