Concerned Citizen

My daughter mental health comes first

From Mississauga, ON

Tue Apr 27 2021


I always follow rules, those dictated by the government and society. When the first lockdown came we were all the time at home and without any contact outside of the household. We struggle with work and taking care of a 2 years old. I was so closed to get a promotion but my performance drop and at the evaluation time no body remember that I was the member of the team with the smaller kid at home. This time cases are even more, new variants are more contagios but I’m already seeing what COVID is doing with my daughter social develop, even when she goes to daycare. There is no social interaction outside of her school environment. I know it is necessary but I decide to meet another two families that are also working from home for the kids to interact. It is so important for small kids!

I’m afraid about September and so many kids joining schools for the first time that are being in isolation for over a year. I hope they put some programs in place to help them develop social skills

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