Concerned Citizen

Pulled in so many directions

From Burlington, ON

Tue Apr 27 2021


My wife and I are both senior management/executives, and we’re blessed to have two girls, who at the beginning of the pandemic were 6 and 4, and are now 7 and 5. To add a wrinkle to this, my wife’s career is in health care.

We have been working to balance everything as best we can, given that we both have needed to be out of the house for work to varying degrees throughout the pandemic. On top of our usually busy work schedules, we’ve found ourselves trying to balance each other’s schedules to ensure that our kids are, at the very least, looked after during the daytime. Keeping our youngest engaged in online learning at the kindergarten level has been incredibly challenging.

Worry and determination in the first wave, manifested in trying to maintain our own sanity while also trying to explain to our kids why they were no longer able to see friends with essentially no notice, has been replaced by deep frustration at the poor decision making and comically inept communication from the Ontario government in what is now a third wave. We as parents of young kids were told to keep our kids at home as schools were closing following spring break 24 hours after the health minister sent a letter assuring parents schools would be open. This is tough on us, but we can only imagine how tough it is for people that don’t have the same control over their schedules that we do.

When the pandemic started, there was no playbook. Mistakes were bound to happen , and were completely forgivable. At this stage in the game, not following science and making the type of amateurish communication errors the Ontario government continues to make is embarrassing, and frankly unforgivable.

This was never going to be easy. But it should be easier than Ford’s government has made it for the people of Ontario.

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