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I know something you don't

From Central Toronto, ON
Central Toronto

Tue Apr 27 2021


I rented a car and drove to the United States. I couldn't take it anymore. Now I know the truth. They are living full lives and they think THEY have it bad while we are having our inalienable rights stripped away one by one. The thought of having to return in a few weeks time is the most upsetting thing. It doesn't have to be this way. Twisted folks want it this way. Open the border. Let Canadians who can afford to travel to US for vaccines get one, and alleviate the burden on domestic supply. Amend quarantine protocols for those who are vaccinated. This is absolutely insane. Fellow citizens, neighbours, where are you? Where is the outrage? Am I the only one who has lost everything they have worked so hard to achieve not because of COVID-19, but rather because of lockdown restrictions not backed by any scientific data?

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