Essential Worker

Not In My Job Description

From Bridgewater, NS

Tue Apr 27 2021


I moved from my home Province of Ontario to the East Coast about 6 weeks before the Pandemic hit Canada. New apartment, new Province, and a new job can all be overwhelming. When we went into lockdown I had just completed the basics at my new job (paperwork, WHMIS, and getting my office set up). Under my new Province’s State Of Emergency and under the Health Protection Act I was sent to the frontlines to enforce travel restrictions. At the same time I was still required to commute back to my regular workplace and continue performing my normal work which is also deemed essential. My husband started working at a Long Term Care Facility which has kept us on high alert with our safety protocols. We feel very lucky to have access to quick and easy testing.

I am grateful that we have been quick to respond to COVID in the Atlantic Provinces. However it has been heartbreaking to be away from my family and fear for their safety everyday as Doug Ford has allowed COVID to run rampant.

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