Small Business Owner

Moving Back to America

From Central Toronto, ON
Central Toronto

Tue Apr 27 2021


What a mistake I made moving to Canada from the USA. Investing my life into a career here, real estate here, going through immigration with my American partner. The healthcare system that I pay so dearly into with my tax dollars was not there for me at all when I needed it this past year for my own health emergencies. The government not there to protect me as an essential worker twice infected by a boss with flagrant disregard for mask mandates, social distancing, and openly admitting to attending underground weekly religious services of dozens if not hundreds.

Now I am back to square one. Planning my escape from Canada with my tail in between my legs. How embarrassing to have actually believed and bought into the narrative that Canada was superior in morality, in healthcare services, in political action or in any other regard for that matter to the United States. To think that Toronto could actually rival LA or NYC-- what a joke. We all knew the truth all along, but with our hubris we burned our wings. Ontario's third wave as America emerges from the pandemic shows us that.

You've lost another good one, Canada, and I'm sure there are plenty more like me planning their escape right now. Another smart young person lost to the American economy, to a country that allows for personal risk assessment and prides itself in freedom rather than trivial restrictions not rooted in science.

I encourage anyone reading this testimonial to research the opening of the economy in NYC in 2020, their ability to never return to a lockdown state after the initial lockdown of March-April 2020, and their upcoming announcement that mask mandates will soon be lifted as well as gathering size restrictions. Their population is roughly double that of Toronto, their COVID infection rates roughly double that of Toronto. Hospitals are functioning just fine. Everyone is back to work. It is business as usual in America. Canada, there are no excuses. The debt from this botched response will leave a generation unaffected by COVID with the bill, and I'm not sticking around to pay for it.

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