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Booking 2nd covid vaccine nightmare.

From North York, ON
North York

Tue Apr 27 2021


My husband got his first Pfzier vaccine March 1st his 2nd was set for April 5th but cancelled. He has a haemetological⁰ cancer which puts him in the extreme risk category. As told by everyone he took the first vaccine offered, which was thru his work not because of his health issue. In fact his oncologist encouraged him in january to get a vaccine any way he coul but the pressure that put on us was immense to be told you need it but your doctor can't access it for you.....Unbelievable. Research published in American journal of medicine published an article saying people in his situation don't have a great immune response and need to get their 2nd vaccine in the manufacturer recommended time frame. We reached out to oncologist, he could not do anything, you must book your 2nd shot with the same provider, contacted that provider UHN they said not booking 2nd vaccines. Contacted family doctor who got her vaccine the same place my husband did, she said go online with UHN but they wouldn't book him. NO CONTACT INFO ON UHN WEBSITE TO PROBLEM SOLVE. Had to find out who at UHN runs their OHT, sent email, no response, sent OHT email address to family doc, she sent email, she got referred to someone else, they said we will call him tomorrow, no call, we called family doctor back after 4 days, she called and spoke to someone, they said wait a week its getting organized, we did, still nothing, talked to family doc again today she sent another email. What a nightmare, the lack of one booking portal or lack of reciprocal arrangements between different hospitals in Toronto is ridiculous. Today Sunnybrook called to book my husband for a vaccine as thats where his oncologist is, when they heard he had his first vaccine at uhn they said nope, referred us to another provincial phone line for 2nd shots, waited on hold, finally got thru but they said no must go to uhn, but try TPH line maybe they can help, called TPH line, answering machine greeting said we cannot book covid vaccines, WHAT A USELESS WASTE OF TIME. Who knows when he will get his second shot!

I got my first PFZIER vaccine AT Humber hospital

but they did not give me a 2nd date, my sister went to the same Humber clinic after me and got given a second date. I tried to contact Humber to book my 2nd vaccine date but their website said no appointments available, however offered test contact option. Texted back and forth to Stephanie who said theywill contact me sometime but let them know if I haven't heard anything by mid June. Would you feel comfortable waiting to see if someone maybe will contact you? Clearly there was a process shift from week 1 at Downsview arena to week 2 when they started giving out second vaccine dates and i am not trusting that us week 1 people will not just slip thru the cracks. Oops you should have been booked 3 months ago, you will have to wait 3 more months,,,, to get a spot. ITS SO FRUSTRATING. This booking system is a nightmare. I am good at system navigation. I work in municipal government and understand bureaucracy but this is ridiculous. ANYONE WITH A LANGUAGE BARRIER OR LACKING DIGITAL ACCESS OR ADVOCACY SKILLS WOULD HAVE JUST GIVEN UP. I am considering making a complaint to the provincial Ombudsman. My MPP of our covid Hotspot in Downsview got kicked out of cabinet so no use going there. WHAT A MESS

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