Concerned Citizen

Type One Diabetics Should Be Considered Highest or High Risk in the Vaccination Plan

From London, ON

Tue Apr 27 2021


I have real concerns about the vaccination roll out plan and why type one diabetics are not deemed highest or high risk. Type one diabetics have three times the risk of experiencing complications from COVID. Type 1 and type 2 diabetics are different conditions and are managed differently. There are 100,000 Canadians living with this condition which was not preventable and is incurable. There are many technological advances available to type one diabetics, that are very expensive to effectively maintain which manages the condition 24/7. The government does not cover any of these devices or insulin which is paid out of pocket.

Those type one diabetics who are students and essential workers are at higher risk contracting COVID with their additional exposure.

Please ! Someone who holds an official position, use your influence and voice to advocate to re-categorize type one diabetics as highest or high risk. Also type one diabetics should be considered to receive the 2nd dose of Moderna at 28 days and Pfizer at 21 days. This would ensure the most vaccine efficacy and best protection from COVID which is the 2nd chronic health condition they would need to manage simultaneously.

Type one diabetics need the life saving vaccine now!

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