Essential Worker

Essentially Forgotten and Alone

From Scarborough, ON

Tue Apr 27 2021


"Stay Home. Stay Home, Stay Home..." or "We will crush the curve". This was the message for months. Provincial leaders were so confident in their defiance to beat Covid. As our luck would have it, Order after Order only demonstrated how ill-prepared this Government is to support vulnerable citizens in the midst of a raging Pandemic. How can we be asked to stay home for days and days with as little contact with other people? I cannot believe that there are so few resources available for people to manage their frustrations. I live alone, where do I go. Who who do I call? No one. Why were we not better prepared with more support for the middle-class such as support lines? Maybe we could ave actually beaten the virus if we chose to actually take care of our residents by providing prompt access to vital resources first. A hotline. A website. Nothing. I thought we were in this together. I thought our Government sounded optimistic about getting ahead of Covid-19. As the death toll rises in this Province; it only proves that This administration vastly out of touch with reality and the needs of people.

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