Concerned Citizen

Dad missing his daughter.

From Ottawa, ON

Mon Apr 26 2021


I am separated from the mother of my six-year-old child, not just by our choice, but by 6,000 km. When we split up, her mother went back to work as a diplomat in Europe, and I stayed here in Canada to work. Our plan was to have me come to Europe every couple of months and stay for a few weeks so I could be physically in my daughter’s life. From September 2019 to February 2020, things were quite reasonable. Then covid came.

Since March 2020, I have seen my daughter only twice in person – once in Europe during the summer, and once in Canada during winter break. It’s really tough being away from my daughter so long. I miss her and she misses me. Maybe some people want to travel to get out of a cold winter; me, I just want to see my kid.

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