Small Business Owner


From Kitimat, BC

Mon Apr 26 2021


For 24 years I've owned and operated a small business, up until April 2020 the business was grossing up words of 20,000.00 a month, in those 24 years I had built up over a quarter of a million dollars in assets. Slowly the phone stopped ringing and the work stopped, 100% of the reason was due to the Virus. Today I have nothing left I had to sell everything over the year to pay off small business loans and a business credit card, I have zero money in the bank and the only income I've had in the last year is CERB most of which has been used to pay the interest on my small business loan. I'm now to old and tired to try and restart the business, the only thing left of my business now is my GST account and my Business license. It's hard to find an hourly paid job because no one wants to hire a close to retired small business owner with a grade 11 education.

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