Healthcare Provider


From Hamilton, ON

Mon Apr 26 2021


Wave 1, 60 hours a week 4 solid months. Mentally burn out. Took two solid weeks off. My phone was off for 5 days. All l did was sleep and in Jammie day and night. Didn't want to see anyone or talk to anyone. The remaining time off did what needed to be done. Called work told down to 42 a week need a day off once a week. Done that since June of last year. 2nd wave my office was calling me on my day off for work. Weeks of calling me on my only day off. I kept saying no, l need me day at least once a week. During the remaining of the yr just kept doing going from client to client. Even knowing that l was slowly burning out again. But l know there is such a huge amount of psws no longer doing this. I been one for over 30 yrs. And seeing this pandemic is a true eye opener. If changes don't happen more psws will leave and never look back. I am at this point. It seems that there is no hope for hard working psws that truly care and want to care for seniors. But greed is root of all evil. And the cycle will continue. 3rd wave still working but it is scarier then 1st two. What if it hits me and boom l am done. I truly hope not. I want to tell everyone what l seen and l don't wish it on anyone ever. Stay strong, and stay safe!

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