Concerned Citizen

14 months alone while governments deem me disposable

From North York, ON
North York

Mon Apr 26 2021

Susan Kiddie

I am a disabled cancer survivour. I am immunocompromised and at high-risk for COVID. I live alone.

For last 14 months, I have self-isolated alone. Read that again. 14 minths without visitors. My only outings have been for medical care. The only human touch I have felt in that time has been when a healthcare practitioner has been putting a needle in my arm.

I live in a highrise building so even navigating the lobby of my building, where I regularly see people maskless, puts me at risk.

Like disabled people everywhere in Canada, I have been abandoned by our governments. No relief financially, ignored in vaccine rollouts, disproportionately struck by Covid and disproportionately represented in Covid deaths. And painfully aware of the resounding silence from the Canadian majority regarding our fate.

I have sat and watched while young, healthy remote workers were vaccinated before at-risk disabled people are. Because they "contribute to the economy" while I do not.

I will never stop being angry at the callous way both federal and provincial governments have played calculus with our lives and decided disabled people are simply expendable. We are just not worth the bother. This country hates disabled people. There is no other conclusion to reach.

The same phrase repeats itself over and over in my head: May the odds be ever in your favor.

They certainly are not in mine.

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