Unsupported Educators = Underserviced Students

From Stratford, ON

Mon Apr 26 2021


I am so frustrated by the lack of training for educators in this 3rd remote learning phase. This week I had to teach a colleague the basics like sharing her computer screen with students because we have received NO training for remote learning. She didn't know it was possible. What employer sends their employees out to service 'clients' without ensuring they can meets their needs. I have a single Chromebok to teach and monitor student communication online - the cheapest technology available to do o e of the most important jobs - educating our children.. And when you see teachers set-up with multiple devices, monitors etc., those are their personal devices. Our students suffer so much due to this lack of commitment from Boards and the Ministry. Teachers are not doing a great job because we have been set-up to fail by our leadership. We will always work to meet the challenge of educating students, but we are tired, disheartened and angry. It is only the perseverance and gratitude of my students that helps me make it through the day. When lessons are planned and work is marked, I sit on the couch and have a good cry before falling, exhausted into bed. Our children deserve better.

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