Concerned Citizen

Working Parents are Suffering...

From Etobicoke, ON

Mon Apr 26 2021


I am a working mom. Pre-covid and shutdowns, I loved my career. I excelled. My ambition was through the roof. I have three children under the age of 6, the last of which was born in early 2020. 2020 was a good year in that regard. However, the rising anxiety associated with working from home, ensuring my children are safe, making sure they are focused during on-line learning, making sure they continue to learn, and trying to make sure that they maintain some sort of connection with school friends, has driven me to the point of lackluster performance in my job. I struggle for motivation. I cannot maintain all of these roles simultaneously, yet I need to. We are like any other working family with no financial support elsewhere... have a mortgage to pay. Student loans to account for. This is hard. This is really, really hard.

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