Concerned Citizen

So much stress for so long

From Middlesex County, ON
Middlesex County

Mon Apr 26 2021


My wife is immunocompromised. My father has heart problems, and he and my mother are both in their 60s. My brother and two different sisters-in-law work in healthcare in hard-hit regions of the province - one is an ER nurse. I have spent much of the last 14 months worried that one or all of those people will get sick and die.

Because of the strain on the healthcare system, my mother's physio for her shoulder was interrupted. Last week, she found a lump on her breast and is worried her upcoming mammogram will be cancelled because the hospitals are becoming overwhelmed.

Because appropriate safety protocols were not put into place at my father's workplace, he had to risk his job and demand to work at home, which he is only able to do part of the time.

My brother, who works in roofing, fell off a roof and almost died. The family could not go see him because the Conservative government let cases get so bad before they took action that COVID was running wild through the province and we couldn't risk him getting infected.

The Ford government had months of warning that easing public health measures would be a disaster, and they still relaxed measures and pushed our healthcare system to the brink.

I didn't get to hug my parents on my wedding day. I didn't get to invite my siblings to the (outdoor) ceremony.

My sister-in-law is pregnant. The ER nurse. The baby is due in December. I hope COVID is under control by then and everybody is still alive to see the baby.

I am furious. the PC Party is morally bankrupt.

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