Healthcare Provider

Children decompensating and no one cares

From East York, ON
East York

Mon Apr 26 2021


In pre-pandemic times, I had a balanced perspective looking at my children. Good days and bad days, successes and failures, friends and fights. Now they have days - repeating endlessly. I don’t worry for their acquisition of knowledge. But their loss of critical time to learn how to navigate interpersonal relationships, to fail and recover - all are being supplanted by knowledge of how to mute and unmute appropriately. These children will run our society one day, and do so with the knowledge that their community abandoned them so that Amazon shipments would continue to be timely.

Each day I watch my children reach out to friends less frequently, display anxiety and depression more, and unlearn critical behaviours that serve them in life.

As wave three diminishes, there will be rapid appetite to have restaurants open and all the amenities of our old lives. And I want them too. But if children are put last AGAIN, we will have raised a generation that will never forgive us.

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