Concerned Citizen

Unreasonable curriculum expectations during pandemic

From Mississauga, ON

Sun Apr 25 2021


Children as young as 4 years old are now sitting in front of computers, iPads, phones, chrome books for 6 hours a day. They are wriggly, have headaches and are moody. I wonder why? It is developmentally unreasonable to have the curriculum expectations in this situation. Are the children learning and are they going to retain what they are learning in this fashion. Probably not. It is inequitable to working families, single parent families, racialized families and lower SES families. My children’s moods are dampened, their self confidence is taking a hit, they are not learning properly. They sit while their teachers (who are doing their best), have meets that go on forever, kids can’t keep up, or don’t get seen to ask questions, or the ‘lesson’ is not enough. Their poor teachers have spent hours creating work that the students have a really hard time navigating. Opening documents, recording on them, submitting. It is a challenge every single day. Then the teacher decides Kahoot is a good idea. Well for the top three kids maybe but timed math games with no strategy to figure out the answer is liked being kicked in the gut over and over again. I’m not blaming the teachers. The Minister of Education should have 1. Mandated less hours online. 2. Purchased and provided online programming and resources for teachers. 3. Minimized curriculum expectations. 4. Put money into helping students get back on track once everyone is back in school together by providing smaller class sizes and extra support. My kids are not ok. I’m not ok. It is almost May. Enough is enough. We do not need to grade children on how well (or not) they managed during a pandemic. Instead why not focus on relationship building, mental health, daily living skills. My family is getting a failing grade.

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