Concerned Citizen

Covid Anxiety

From Woodbridge, ON

Sat Apr 24 2021


It is not about the virus or about the stress of being confined at home, but more about coping with anxiety levels that increase daily!

COVID-19 has caused immense stress and undermined psychological well-being for many! I’ve have been concerned not only about being infected, but also about shortages of vaccine and the mixed messages from officials!

I’m concerned that our hospitals, doctors and nurses! We need them protected but so many still not vaccinated!

Now, in this third lockdown, with the increased stress, the fear of infection from new variants, I’m still not vaccinated myself! My age group in not eligible in my region! I lie awake wondering why, because of my age, the officials think I’m not as important...that I can wait and wait...until finally I contract Covid...and die!

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