Essential Worker

Losing hope...questioning future?

From L9Y

Sat Apr 24 2021


It has been the longest most depressing year of my life watching families and friends lose everything due to covid. Watching people commit suicide because of covid and financial hardship. The relentless fear driven media. Is it true is it false.? Always pushing husband started his company sept 2019 and we have been pushing through this pandemic..barely hanging on a thread as contruction has slowed came back in 2021 but its set us back to a place i fear for our future. My hrs have been cut 3 times since the pandemic started i am an essential worker and everytime we go into lockdown or stay at home order my hrs are cut..we have 3 kids and several animals. The crb has barely been enough to make ends meet. My heads constantly spinning from financial distress. I am on a wait list for surgery but its been canceled for now.. im concerned for my health..i am beyond distraught for my 3 children with all the homeschooling and hardship mentally and emotionally for them. They miss their friends they miss school they are losing their education their futures. I go to work scared i come home scared..i go in the shower and cry i dont know how much more of this i can say ford and trudeau failed us is a huge understatement. They are destroying lives. Sooo many lives...and yes i care about all of them ...but my world is 3 of em..and im losing hope. Im scared for our future. Im supposed to go to college in the fall and have no idea if i can afford it now...and how it will work if im to do it remotely with my kids homeschooling.🥺😭in the mean time im working with my husband in his company and working my other essential job.keeping busy to the point of exhaustion is the only way i dont fall apart.

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