Patient or Family Member

Lost days work for doing the RIGHT THING!

From London, ON

Fri Apr 23 2021


My husband is an essential worker, 38yrs with the same company. He has not stopped since the pandemic began. He delivers for a courier so you can imagine how busy they have been helping many of us 'stay safe'. He got sick, DID THE RIGHT THING and stayed home. Passed it on to me. We were sick enough for it to be real COVID19 (shortness of breath, lung pain, fever, zero energy etc.). We got tested immediately (although we had to go to another town because we couldn't get tested for 2 days in our city). We stayed home and recovered (negative covid results thankfully). When he called work to say he was better and ready to return, THEY refused him until he was cleared by their company doctor through MAPLE. This appointment wouldn't happen for 2 days. 2 days of lost pay because THE COMPANY wouldn't let him go back to work without their doctor's clearance. Union tried to fight to get days paid. Bottom line, his company said no. 38yrs and this is the treatment received during a pandemic. We do not wish COVID on anyone, but it would have been easier for him to test positive and apply for CRSB. PS. I am incredibly fortunate to have paid sick days

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