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Covid ➡️ Long Covid ➡️ Ongoing Chronic illness, is my new reality... :(

From Middlesex County, ON
Middlesex County

Fri Apr 23 2021


Covid entered my life the first day of our vacation in MX in Jan'20... I saw 2 specialists while there so that I could fly home, I went to the ER 3x in Ontario, was sick for a total of 9 wks with a Respiratory infection, Blood clots in both lungs & GI tract issues, & no Covid test was offered to me in Jan or Feb'20, so I suffered silently at home... Fast forward, over the 14 mos following my initial infection, & I have had an Endoscopy dilation so I could swallow, I lost half of my hair, & 40 lbs, my Gall Bladder had to be removed, I acquired 4 blood clots in both lungs, & I continue to suffer from ongoing GI and chronic joint pain issues, deep fatigue and sleeplessness...

I have seen 5 specialists, tried multiple pharma abx & supplements & diet changes, & I now believe that my future existence post-Covid, will be with the chronic deterioration of my entire system, driven by the inflammation storm that the Covid Virus has created in my body... I see no way forward which is so very disappointing & saddening... I have just turned 60 yrs old, & for all of those out there saying Covid doesn't exist - you need to be thankful this debilitating virus hasn't affected you personally, or anyone close to you... Please wear masks and stay away from indoor spaces wherever possible with ventilation systems that simply spread the airborne transmission of this Virus in a matter of seconds...

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