Concerned Citizen

vaccine denial

From Mississauga, ON

Fri Apr 23 2021


I pre registered for my first dose in the waterloo region I'm a high risk person suffering from ibd thats the first issue I couldn't even get a shot in my region .... so when I got to the clinic in Cambridge as soon as i told the nurse what medication I was on she said I was eligible for 21 days in between doses I was beyond excited . So 2 days before waterloo region emails me to confirm I was still eligible and I told them exactly what I was taking they said yes and confirmed my appointment.. the day before public health canceled my appointment and gave me no reason but a mistake or error this is unacceptable during a pandemic and I can't believe that's the reason I got i thought getting as many ppl as possible vaccinated was the main thing to stop this pandemic but I got he sorry it was a mistake good bye I'm furious

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