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Just to breathe again...

From North York, ON
North York

Fri Apr 23 2021


I work in a rehab hospital and since last April we have admitted from acute care hospitals many patients who survived their COVID-19 infection and needed inpatient therapy to regain as much physical and/or cognitive function as possible before returning to the community.

I was struck by what I read in one of these patients' chart today: this previously healthy woman in her early 40s contracted COVID-19 while caring for her parents who both had COVID-19. When our physiotherapist asked the standard question of "What are your goals in rehab?" during the intake assessment, this patient said she wanted to wean off oxygen (she still requires constant supplemental oxygen) and return to work. Very reasonable and not surprising.

What shook me was what she said next: she said she would like to be able to take a full, deep breath".

To just be able to take a deep breath again! Despite not having died or been put on a ventilator or admitted to the ICU, COVID-19 has nevertheless reduced this woman who previously enjoyed running as a hobby to wishing she could just take a full, deep breath again.

Such a simple bodily function we take for granted since birth and now it's actually out of reach for this patient and has become a GOAL she hopes and aspires to be able to achieve at some point in her future...

Doug Ford and his team have so egregiously and callously failed every person in this province through their horrifying mismanagement of the pandemic, despite all the scientists, doctors researchers and epidemiologists literally begging en masse for months for them to follow strategies based on science, it really feels like we are now all forced to subsist in the equivalent of Donald Trump era America with no end in sight.

How many more people will this incompetent and cold-blooded government infect with COVID-19 so that even when they don't die, like this patient they lose their ability just to be able to take a full, deep breath again?

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