Don't the kids deserve the same standards (or better) than adults?

From London, ON

Fri Apr 23 2021


Aug 2020. We are just getting ready to go back to school. I teach high school computer programming in a computer lab with desktop computers. I am in early to prep my class and try and make sure it meets all the new COVID rules. Because of the way the lab is configured I cannot move any of the desks or those computers would not have electricity or network capabilities. Knowing that I only had to fit 15 kids in the room because of the two cohorts I started to plan and measure. I very quickly determined that to allow 6 feet of space between people I would have to move desks. I brought our school administration in and asked their opinion. I explained what I had gone through and told them that without moving everything the best I could do was 3 feet of spacing for most kids, two for some. I was told that was good enough. Good enough? If this was your child would that be good enough? Would you want your child two feet away from another while they ate lunch maskless? I cried over that one.

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