Essential Worker

Workplace will not allow the use of N95 or double masking. Company doctor denies airborne transmission is a concern.

From Oshawa, ON

Thu Apr 22 2021


I work for a major power utility and am considered an essential worker.

All staff must wear a "company issued surgical mask" when on site.

Due to the nature of my work, it's often difficult to maintain physical distancing with my coworkers.

Our management refuses to allow us to wear personal N95 masks as they are not "company issued" nor will they "issue" an N95.

I've asked to wear my personal N95 as an extra layer of protection (N95 with surgical mask on top) and was told no.

Double masking (surgical and any other type of mask) is not allowed.

Staff here have tried escalating the issue to their local unions but were told we must follow company safety protocols and N95's are not allowed currently.

Our company has hired a doctor to educate the organization, this doctor has repeatedly denied there is any evidence that covid-19 may be airborne.

As a result of this, I regularly see staff removing their masks in small enclosed  office spaces with 10+ other workers around because "they're maintaining physical distancing".

We've had a number of outbreaks declared at our facility over the course of the pandemic.

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