Concerned Citizen

We have been in lockdown since March 2020.

From L6M

Thu Apr 22 2021


My family and I have been in lockdown since March 2020. Even when things opened last summer, we listened and stayed home. Being in lockdown is normal for us and because we are a family, it’s been not so lonely. However, I have a sister who has a significant mental illness and sometimes it becomes quite unbearable. Because we are only leaving the house to go get groceries and for walks near the lake occasionally, it isn't easy to regulate yourself and get into a normal routine. It is detrimental on not just her health but also my parents and myself. We are hanging on and are okay but I worry for other people who cannot qurantine, who are essential workers, need other medical and surgical supports. All of us are working from home and that also brings significant challenges. I know we live in an affluent area but we also have struggles and being in lockdown for months on end is difficult. However, we didn't go on a vacation, or have parties, or act irresponsible. It really annoys me when I hear government officials not take this seriously and general public who worry about their freedom to not wear masks, go on vacations and not vaccinate rather than protect the vulnerable members of our communities. We have to do better. Thanks for letting me share our story.

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