Exhausted Mom/Teacher

From London, ON

Thu Apr 22 2021


As a single mom of four kids, trying to work from home while keeping 4 elementary school kids on task and sorting out their tech glitches was crazy difficult. I was doing this while trying to teach my own classes online. Teaching online was complicated by the fact that I was teaching a computer applications course and my students were working on several different platforms and versions of software. Once my own kids were in bed at night I stayed up writing material for the next day, sometimes this would required me to write 6 different versions of a handout for one activity so that it would work for everyone. I also pre-recorded video lessons so that if I was away from my computer helping my own children, or our internet crashed again (you try streaming 5 google meets at the same time in one home) my students would still have help available. This often took until 2am. I am not a new teacher, I have 15 years experience.

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