Small Business Owner

Ladies Room Hugs

From Cornwall, ON

Wed Apr 21 2021


I doubt my story is the type of tale you’re looking for but perhaps this deep loneliness is not unique. I have worked remotely for years, I had no idea how much I would miss single serving connections. I had only been in Montréal for a year and knew few people.I had no family or friends. I knew in time, this would change. Before COVID-19, I would go out to various events solo. By the end of the evening, fuelled by my favourite social lubricant, something crisp and sparkling, I would find myself enjoying a conversation in the ladies room. Sometimes a wonderful, somewhat slurry exchange would take place. A few laughs, words of praise or even advice would be enjoyed by strangers. Sometimes the exchange would end with a hug and a kiss on each cheek. Being single in a new city during the pandemic was deeply lonely. I missed the random connections.

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