Healthcare Provider

Moral Distress in Community Nursing

From London, ON

Wed Apr 21 2021


Working as a nurse during the pandemic has been extremely tiring. I work in area of healthcare that often gets overlooked. Throughout we have been providing essential health care (like COVID testing, follow up, and vaccination roll out) to marginalized populations even though we have been completely dismissed by our government where we did not receive pandemic pay. The clients that I serve have suffered as COVID and overdose deaths have caused mass devastation to the communities that me and my colleagues serve. Because of this, I’ve contemplated if nursing was the right job for me. What has kept me going was my amazing coworkers and the work that we do. Being able to provide primary care PLUS Covid responsibilities to newcomer families, people forced into homelessness, and so many other communities who have tons of barriers to care has kept me going. I’ve been extremely overwhelmed this past year: constantly worrying if I’ll get sick or get one of my loved ones sick if I’m not careful enough, constantly worrying that if I don’t go to work one of our patients will receive subpar care due to low staff levels. I don’t know how I’ll recover from this mentally, emotionally, and physically. I’m tired of our government and policies neglected those who at the most risk of contracting COVID and dying from severe outcomes, like denying paid sick days. I’m tired of our government neglecting the people whose deaths have occurred from overdose and other illnesses due to marginalizing policy, lack of housing, and inadequate social assistance funds.

I hope that someone in our government reads what I have written, and finally listens to the voices that have been telling you these things for over the past year.

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