Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this website exist?

The site was created to help any individual in Canada impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic — from factory workers and family members to business owners and physicians — to easily and safely share their stories so that they can be seen by decision-makers, media and the public.

These stories highlight the need for a pandemic response and recovery that promotes physical, emotional and economic well-being, and offer insight into how certain neighbourhoods, populations, institutions and industries are uniquely affected. By amplifying them, we hope to emphasize the human element of the pandemic to encourage compassion and understanding of the experiences of others.

Can anyone share a story?

Anyone over the age of 18 can submit their story. While our initial focus was on Ontario, we now welcome stories from anyone throughout Canada.

In order to keep you safe and establish trust with visitors, the content will be moderated using the following guidelines:

  1. Content must be respectful, authentic, and captures their own or another’s story
  2. Respects science
  3. Content isn’t defamatory or bullying anyone
  4. It’s not self-promoting (i.e. sell a product/business) or encouraging illegal activity
  5. It’s not racist, homophobic, sexist, ableist
  6. Does not contain hate speech
  7. Does not promote or encourage self-harm
  8. For storytellers who wish to remain anonymous, their content does not have any personally identifiable information
  9. Stories should not have personal identifying information about other people impacted by COVID-19 without their consent

A story that does not meet these guidelines will not be shared publicly. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to For additional support or resources, please see .

How do you know these stories are true?

The stories published by represent the lived experience, opinions, and truths of the people telling them. They have not been verified for accuracy.

These stories do not represent the opinions or beliefs of or any of the many volunteers working on this project.

We encourage all readers to consult respected scientific sources for verified, factual information related to COVID-19.

Who can access private data?

You have full control over who your information will be shared with — nobody else will have access to any personally identifiable information. We take your privacy seriously and have taken this into consideration at every step. This site does not use cookies or any third-party tracking tools. We use Fathom to generate simple traffic metrics. Fathom does not track any personally identifiable information.

Why might the media want to follow-up with storytellers? Is a direct line to media coverage? is not a direct line to media coverage. While the untold stories of the pandemic are important and we expect that the media may be interested in learning more, they will only contact you if you have given express consent for this.

We expect that members of the media will respect the privacy of those who have shared their stories here and only contact storytellers by signing up for our media list.

Will any companies, media, or the government be able to find out that I posted this if I choose to remain anonymous?

No. Unless you have specifically consented to share your name publicly or with the media, no one else will have access to any personally identifiable information you have provided during story submission. We respect your choice.

Who’s paying for this?

This page was built by volunteers and is fully funded by individuals in Canada concerned by the current COVID-19 response. We are using Vercel to host the site. Vercel is sponsoring the project by providing free hosting services.

Who built the site?

We are a group of concerned individuals who could not stand by as parts of our country were led into a humanitarian crisis. We believe the power of storytelling is an effective means to emphasize the human element of the pandemic, encouraging compassion amongst the Canadian public and offering first-hand insight to decision-makers and the media.

Our team is entirely volunteer-led and consists of developers, designers, marketers, healthcare workers, social workers, policy advocates, caregivers and more. Please view our Aboutpage to view our full list of contributors (we’re always welcoming new team members, so it’s not always up-to-date!).

Are the website creators affiliated with any group?

No, we are not affiliated to any political group or agenda. We are simply a collection of individuals concerned by the COVID-19 response in our respective provinces and country as a whole. We hope that by sharing real stories of the people impacted, decision makers at all levels will make the right decisions to promote the physical, emotional and economic well-being of individuals throughout Canada.

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