Who We Are

Born in Ontario, we are a group of concerned Canadians who could not stand by as parts of our country were led into a humanitarian crisis. We believe the power of storytelling is an effective means to emphasize the human element of the pandemic, encouraging compassion amongst the Canadian public and offering first-hand insight to decision-makers and the media.

Our Mission

To be a trusted platform that collects and amplifies the experiences of any Canadian impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why We Created MyCovidStory.ca

It is clear that not all elected officials and key decision-makers are willing to listen to numbers or scientific evidence. Data might be easy to dismiss, but stories and the human connection they spark cannot be ignored.

Many doctors, business owners, essential workers and concerned individuals have already spoken up and shared their stories, but many are fearful and don’t feel they have a voice; there are too many stories still left to be told.

We created My COVID Story as a way to amplify every voice that wants to share - with government leaders, the media or the public - regardless of whether they have their own platform or not. We strive to make it as easy as possible for anyone to share their story in a safe, anonymous way.

The stories we collect help to surface insights about the unique impact of the pandemic on certain neighbourhoods, populations, industries and institutions. By sharing them with decision-makers, we hope to highlight the need for a pandemic response that promotes physical, emotional and economic well-being for all.

We believe the stories speak for themselves, and by amplifying them we hope to foster compassion and deeper understanding of the experiences of others and get them in front of the people that have the power to influence change.

Made With Love By

Adam McKerlie

Alyssa Schwartz

Angelo Gio Mateo

Anisa Nazir

Anna Foat

Ben Fine

Charles Chan

Curtis VanderGriendt

Dave Steinberg

Hannah White

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